Miriam Trilety is an artist, illustrator and psychotherapist. This diverse background merges in an extraordinary approach to arts and design, as her work shows a slightly odd habit of constantly observing and questioning everything in a quite ironical and satirical manner. Illustrations might seem just pleasantly beautiful at first but turn into sociopolitical statements at a second glance. Miriam Trilety’s designs challenge the viewer in his or her artistic perception while the discrepancy between graphic design and psychotherapeutic approach seem to blur.


PraxisbüroTrilety offers graphic and communication design for individuals as well as companies. Among her clients are the University of Vienna, the Austrian Academy of Sciences and several artists and musicians. In 2013 a collection of anecdotes by the physicist Walter Thirring were published by Seifert Publishing with illustrations by Miriam Trilety.

In January 2015 she developed the corporate Design and illustrations for .akut the Association for Aesthetics and Applied Cultural Theory in Vienna. Moreover Miriam Trilety is a lecturer for Illustration at Zeichenfabrik (Training Institute for Visual Arts) in Vienna, Austria.





Schleifmühlgasse 15/4,

1040 Wien

Vienna, Austria


+43 680 44 55 786